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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rooms to Live for

Bold confident choices blended  with the elements of colour, pattern and  texture  bring each room to life. Various lifestyle demand that each room be unique quality pieces of livable art.
 John Thompson Designer, the innovative creator of each of these rooms is progressive design firm located in Portland , Oregon.
Escaping from their rather neutral boxes, each room took shape. The house became the home that greets each client. A masterpiece for their refined but eclectic tastes. The proper mix of colour and visual texture unfolds the layers. The use of sophisticated textiles blends with the
 accessories, art work and beloved family heirlooms. These rooms  express the personality of each homeowner. 

 In this living room the deep peacock teal blue become the backdrop for a very eclectic home furnished with ethnic,modern or antique pieces. the wunderkammer on the wall organizes the various finds of visual and textural eye candy. The textile on the sofa is from wholesale fabric
Recreating her life after years of having nothing, This client used her limited to purchase a custom sofa built for her specific needs of comfort and her small space. The mix of various shades of grey are tried together by the beautiful area rugs by it is a wonderful blend of silk and wool that are woven to create the luxury in this simple apartment.
The strong colours of this unusual area rug become the foundation for the vivid spring colours for this lively home for  empty Nester couple. The various textiles of cotton teal velvet, striped silks, rich Jacquard tapestries from  take on the adventure of the shocking colours that lift the casual upholstery to a new level. The white walls and furniture become a back drop for the couples collection of artwork from Henk Pander, a local NW artist featured at
High in the mountains in Truckee, California, Becomes the modern vacation  lodge for a multi generational family. The attention to detail in all the finishes from the Cypress planks on the ceiling to the custom pieces and from Portland, Oregon based furniture company, create the warmth that greets the family each time that travel from the city to relax in the mountain retreat. For more on this lodge, refer to my earlier blog,residential design project from inception to move in , date January 15, 2012.

Green became the new neutral as this dark space comes alive, The pale celedon chairs from loved by the homeowner started the design process. The elegant custom sofa covered in white wool sateen brought the much needed life into this space. the wool sheers soften the stronger contemporary windows in  this modern condo in the Pearl in downtown Portland, Oregon.
This client took the average house and turned into an Aspen inspired bachelor's home. The sofa is covered in and the occasional chairs were covered in a soft chenille velvet Big leaf maple was chosen for the custom hand chisled fireplace mantel from

The elements of our lifestyles help make the selections for each of these home for people on the move to clients seeking solitude with their meditation. Each are bold choices for design. You can see more of these homes and others like them at the new website or Call for an appointment today.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Thursday, June 28, 2012


   Wayne Martin is alive and well. I kid you not. He is living in Seattle. He has a brand new showroom with his partner, William. I feel like the stone has rolled away and the crypt is empty. OK! This news might sound a bit bizarre to those in the Interior Design trade. To those who know me, I have always been an honest man with a quirky sense of humour. So the great news is Wayne Martin is in  the wholesale textiles showroom business. He is doing quite well.
    I went to a fabric presentation today at my friend, Chuck Arbuckle's home and design office. I was introduced to Wayne Martin. I was taken back for a second. I thought it was a joke. Here he was breathing, laughing and selling wholesale textiles once again. Wayne is a delightful and charming man
OK, actually the names are the same but this Wayne Martin is a different man. I am proud to know that the spirit of the wholesale trade now lives on with the new Wayne Martin. . He had actually shared a few of his stories how designers in Seattle were confused by the same name.  He is a very delightful man. It was very easy to get along with him as if I had known  him all of my life. He told me that he already knew of me through reading my blog.
     I know that I am a little preachy, in fact, I feel like it is like Easter morning,  running back to tell everyone the " Good News".
       With all my dark humour aside. For those of you that did not know already, William and Wayne have a new showroom in Seattle.
They are located in the old Joan Lockwood showroom which from what I hear has been totally remodeled.
 Their address is
  William and Wayne
Seattle Design Center
5701 6th Avenue South, Suite A203
Seattle, Washington 98108

You can contact them at their phone number: 206-762-2635 or email them at

Their Exclusive lines are to the trade only. You will have to hire an interior designer to be able to visit the Seattle Design Center or their showroom.

Some of the furniture lines that William and Wayne have are and
They also represent many fabulous textiles such as , , , , prisatek fabric at .

by george, I think you've got some great textile and furniture lines.


Gentlemen, Welcome to the industry.
 Welcome to the NW.
Thanks for keeping the wholesale Interior design dream alive.

John A. Thompson
john thompson designer

P.S. our other Wayne Martin is smiling too!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It only takes a moment

In March, i put my little house upption

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012

residential design project from inception to move in

Architectural Floor Plans

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