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Friday, October 23, 2009

dark and dreamy

It seems as if is in the air. Dark Colours on interior walls. As you recall i was inspired recently by cerulean blue from my favourite movie The Devil wears Prada.. OK this was a HUGE MISTAKE. I had the paint store mix the colour in semi gloss. I started painting it. I realized half way through while it was drying that it looked like the bottom of a swimming pool. I don't know what i was thinking. I feel fortunate that it was my house and not the home of a client. I left and went to a birthday party. when i got home around 11:30 pm it didn't look any better. By the morning, I decided that I was going to have a swimming pool party.The only trouble, I didn't have time to do an evite via the Internet. I needed to change it immediately. I called a good friend and had a major FREAK OUT. So we went to the another paint store. the only one that was opened on Sunday.
We chose a great spruce green/peacock blue in an eggshell finish.
I had to remember it was only paint and time and money. It looks so good. this weekend I am going to finish it. I am very happy how it is turning out.
i had coffee with a friend the other day. we were talking about paint. he has decided to paint his living room black. What an awesome bold choice. here is a photo of his inspiration. Earlier in June of this year I wrote another blog about using dark colours. "THIS DARK SPACE" if you get a chance you should read it again.

Even though my disaster turned out OK. i learned that it is OK to make mistakes. especially when it is your home. I am convincing myself that it was an expensive experiment.I am finally having a great laugh over the whole situation. i won't think about the colour anymore. Colour can be tricky. Paint is easy to replace. It is just another phase of changes that i am making in my life. REMEMBER if your paint is the same colour as the painter's tape that you are using.
It is a mistake.
I will think about furniture soon, NOT BLUE. Not this time.
This is the price you pay when you aren't afraid of colour.Be prepared for errors. I look at it this way, It was just expensive primer.

keep on smiling,

Monday, October 19, 2009

in memory of teddy

Dear Heather,

Recently, My dear friend Heather lost someone very special to her.It is times like this that we all need to reflect upon the value of friendship and family. We draw near to those that we love and care about for support. Knowing that the bond of devotion gives us strength during this turmoil.No words can truly say what we feel.

When you visit her store, The Consignment Gallery in Portland you will always be greeted warmly. Her shop has a wide variety of high quality consigned furniture and decorative arts. I would go there often with dear friends to hunt for the "right thing" for our own homes. It was more about the hunt and the wonderful conversations that we all had with Heather and her staff. I now find myself traveling to her shop by myself as I have now found a new path for myself. I fondly recall those days shared with special friends.
Heather, thank you very much for supporting me in my time when I struggled for my life. Your wise words helped me during my recent path toward freedom and emotional loss. You are a good friend. You are in my thoughts.

In your own words
"Teddy was such a gentleman. He was a gentle soul whose devotion left me in awe. We miss him terribly."

Love your friend,

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Things Are Not As They Appear.

"Things are not as they appear" were a group of words that someone once told me to give me understanding in a time shrouded with pain, mystery and the unknown future. I never quite understood what that meant. I would have preferred to just have it put to me very bluntly instead. After all the suffering I had gone through, the blunt truth would have been best. As with most things in life the mystery of the future can only be revealed as the next page of our life's novel is opened. I have since learned to write my own future and taken charge of my own destiny. Those words have become my inspiration for today's blog which is show you how to trick the eye with the ancient art of trompe l'oeil.
take care beloved readers.



What is trompe l'oeil decoration? Trompe l'oeil is a French term which means "fools the eye". It is the use of painting techniques to create an illusion of textured surfaces as well as to give three dimensional appearances to flat walls and ceilings. Through the use of shading, artists are able to produce these desired three dimensional effects. This is unlike decorative painting, which only serves to embellish a surface rather than to give it the appearance of depth.

Trompe l'oeil painting has been used for over two thousand years and as a painting style dates back to 400 BC. It was part of the rich culture of the Greek and Roman Empires. Although the style has changed over time, the concept behind it has remained the same. Early examples of trompe l'oeil can be found in the ruins of Pompeii as well as Eurculaneum, which dates back to the first century AD and are the only murals of ancient trompe l'oeil that exist today.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Paula's request for ART DECO

Art Deco is a decorative style that is essentially an extension of the French Art Nouveau and English Aesthetic styles, but also includes elements of Arts and Crafts form. Some historians claim that because of its eclectic borrowing from so many sources, it should not be identified as a distinct style. Yet it has enjoyed recurrent popularity, and has contributed to later stylistic developments. The term Art Deco is used to describe a design style that originates around World War I, and runs through to World War II (c. 1915-1945).
The style emphasizes surface embellishment, drawing heavily on the colors and styles of some of the early modern art movements, from Impressionism through Cubism. Like many of the modern art styles, it was inspired by Chinese and Japanese art, both of which were popular during this period.

Art Deco furnishings frequently used marquetry, enamelling and other techniques to create surface interest. During the 1920's vivid color was often used. Both furniture and textiles tended to use decorative designs that exhibited a strong painterly quality reminiscent of Impressionist, and post-Impressionist, Fauve, and Cubist techniques. The forms of furniture and interiors combined sleek curves with angularity, the forms often quoting earlier decorative styles in a simplified form.

In the 1930's the color palette became more subdued with white, black, and metallic surfaces combined with softer hues. Decorative design in textiles continued to quote from modern art, with Cubism appearing as a more apparent influence, in addition to other styles. The characteristic forms, a combination of smooth curves and angles, continued to be the dominant feature of the style. The style came to be associated with a high technology, futurist view of American culture in an age when the romance of air travel was at its peak. The idea of streamlining based on aerodynamics became a feature of design used in everything from architecture to appliances. Classic examples of Art Deco architecture include the Chrysler Building and Rockefeller Center in New York City, and the Miami Beach waterfront. The graphic designer Erte created a characteristic Art Deco style in illustration and decoration.

OK, I haven't run out of ideas, however if there is a subject matter which you would like to read more about. Please let me know.
am the
of good
I am
shaking things
a bit.
give me your
feedback about interior design,
love to all,