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Saturday, February 28, 2009

details, the complete composition

finishing touches by John Thompson
details completed by Vincente Wolf

table composition by Eric Cohler

details by Roger Banks-Pye

The late Roger Banks-Pye, an interior designer for Colefax and Fowler stated in his book "Interior Inspirations" as you "walk into a newly decorated room where the principal decorative elements have been dealt with.Pristine Brussels weave carpet, elegant wall and paint finishes, glorious drapery treatment , sumptuous plump sofas and chairs are all in place, But it is still a room without personality, a sad dull thing dressed in pretty clothes. The truly finished look of a room, full of those details that make up the persona and patina of the piece...yet would be horrified by the nakedness if all those comforting bits and pieces weren't there."
Details with accessories is an art achieved by few. It is a true talent. Achieving is the goal with a satisfied client. Their home comes alive with this art.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

reno 411

The Master bedroom sheers Through Thick and thin are from .the master bedroom has a killer view of the mountains near Lake Tahoe. Placement of windows strategically placed to capture all the wonderful views this home has to offer.
a room with a view of the ranch below.

bedazzled from pollack textiles are the roman shades in dining room.

kitchen, ceiling covered in cypress planks though out the whole house.

family room with Donghia chair and ottoman. Other furniture and pillows are covered in

library polished cement floors are throughout the whole house.

dining room with a touch of traditional in an ultra contemporary house

This was a joy to be able to work on this home. The home owners were truly a pleasure to work with on this project.
take care,

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

be calm

Sometimes we need a moment to sit back and relax. I woke with my head racing. Tomorrow is an oncology day. I never look forward to sitting there. So am I choosing to be calm. Be tranquil. Be ever present in the moment and relax...
I remind myself this will all be over soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

beautiful city scapes of north america





St. Louis


San Francisco



New York

shop green

pillows are Heirloom colour:fresh from

Santa Barbara dining side chairs from HBF

OK, this is not a blog about being green. However, Portland is the greenest city in the nation and has been called a model for Sustainable living for decades. Actually my client and her husband fell in love some HBF lounge chairs that were on sale at a retail furniture store in the fashionable downtown neighbourhood " The Pearl".
I convinced them to buy the pale green chairs. These chairs set the pace for the rest of the design project. They continued to buy locally from the shops in their neighbourhood. Their sofa was custom built by one of the local upholsterers that I use in my projects. Supporting what you buy locally can really help the environment. You see I am a green designer. I like to shop locally and it is one of my favourite colours.So Please buy green and for those of you
who follow LEED standards seriously then please buy "green". I am getting better. I am buying at consignment stores, taking my recycling to the curb and even saving paper.
I am just having a little pun on words today.
Please take care,
John steel tea table(see photo) and tete a tete (not pictured). Asian cabinet (not pictured) dining furniture, other case goods and wool area rug custom silk and wool Lap chi area rug in dining room

Friday, February 20, 2009

Exclusive Blue

In the early light of the morning, I will not be found strolling my park like gardens thinking of wonderful things that have happened or dreaming about things that will be.( by the way,I have plenty of gardening projects to do). I will be standing in my kitchen looking out my window realizing that spring comes early in Portland. The steaming milk from the espresso machine is almost foamed to perfection and soon I will be enjoying my morning nonfat latte. I recently took a design project on in which the whole house is blue.A colour in which I am not fond of. Except in clothing or as I am also reminded of a poem by Robert Francis. Then I realized how easy this project will be.


Her flowers were exclusive blue.
No other color scheme would do.

Better than God she could reject
Being a gardener more select.

Blue, blue it was against the green
With nothing not blue sown or seen.

Yet secretly she half-confessed
With blue she was not wholly blessed.

All blue, she found,do not agree.
Blue riots in variety.

Purist-perfectionist at heart.
Her vision flew beyond her art---

Beyond her art, her touch, her power
To teach one blue to each blue flower.

have the best day,

Sunday, February 15, 2009

textiles that deserve a standing ovation

Today, Wendy, my design assistant and longtime friend went shopping in the retail world of textiles. I will call them fabrics for the first time. what I saw didn't deserve the name textiles. I was taught as a young child if you can't say anything nice say nothing. So I guess I will keep my comments to myself. I guess I will say they have their place. I just never want to go there.

Beautiful textiles are a must to make designer's interiors jump off the page of the magazine. They make a great first impression. however, I think it would be wise to choose quality over quantity because great textiles will outlive a poor quality fabric. Choosing quality textiles for your home is one of the most important investments you can make in your interior's project.Quality does not necessarily mean expensive. Your designer is a professional and knows how to put together a cost effective look without blowing your budget. an interior designer will guide you with your selections. Decorating can be expensive so using wisdom in your project is valuable. If your budget will not support designer textiles try to slip them in whenever you can. Pillows make a huge statement and can dress up your home like a great tie or a wonderful accessory draping around your neck to enhance your dress. It is that jewel that puts you on the red carpet and your furniture will take notice.

Your custom furniture, family heirlooms or even thrift store finds would be honoured to have quality designer textiles upholstered on their frames. If they had hands they would applaud you for your excellent taste or your wonderful decision to seek the help of a creative, knowledgeable interior designer.

No apologies for being a textile snob.



textiles shown can be seen at:
you can read my blog at or call for an appointment at 503-367-0920.

Friday, February 13, 2009

In honour of President's Day

The White House
Obama's home

Kennedy's summer home

Lincoln's home

Monticello, Jefferson's home

Mt.Vernon, Washington's home