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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Farewell from Wayne Martin Inc.

Thank you all very much! My end of an era party for the Portland designer’s was quite successful in many ways. After 40 years in serving the design trade in Portland, I ended my 23 year career with all the dignity, integrity , honesty , sincerity and generosity as the man , Wayne Martin had when he started his business and throughout his life time. He singlehandedly brought good taste and design product to the city of Portland. Many design careers were made by our company. Many either shopped here for the first time or worked here only to achieve greatness as designers, Such as Sandra Lamer, Janet Edwards, Henry Brown, Kim Lamer, Jennifer Roos, Susan Green, Jenise Adams, Diane West, Lee Kidd, Howard Hermanson , Jayson and Carrie Gates, Frances Lefever, Cyndi Mohr, Garrison Hullinger, Joelle Nesen and the lovely ladies from Maison Inc and our beloved Mary Roberts to name a few. This was achieved through the vision of one man, D. Wayne Martin.
I wanted let you know it was a pleasure working with all the vendors, their national sales teams, their wonderful customer service and all designers and students from the design school that we nurtured into fresh new designers that have walked through these doors at 210 NW 21st Avenue. I am glad that I have the rich deep experiences from this and wonderful bonds of friendships were made. I feel like the richest man in town.

With much love and appreciation,
John A. Thompson
Showroom Manager
Portland, Oregon

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