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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The one we choose (sofa review)

   The bright lights are shining.The audience is peaked with excitement. Standing in the front window or rather sitting is" The One". Not just any one but the one that you have dreamed about all of your life. Squinting to get a better view. The front of the store is jammed with shoppers gazing at the new star. Bobbed you push against the others to get a better glance to see the strong arms, the firm back, the shapely legs. The body is well built with a nice seat. You are thinking "Wow" As the crowd starts to drift away. You get your first real good look. The One is there staring at you  and you know that it is a match made in heaven. Shielding your face like blinders pressed against the glass to get a better view.The scene grows dark.The sign on the door is flipped to the other side. CLOSED.
      Disappointed you turn around and wait for tomorrow. The next day, The One is gone. Ripped from out of your life forever. With pursed lips and a small tear  you sadly walk back to your empty house.That void never seems to be filled.   As time goes on, you get used to the fact that it is OK not to have The One. Surviving  this long without one proves the test of time. It is OK not to have the one that you wanted in your life. 
  With the empowerment and courage on this journey it is decided that the introduction of a well respected, timeless classic is worth the price. The enduring thought brings a smile to your face while you drive in traffic .You get all giddy knowing that the one is waiting to say "Hi" at home. The day is filled with excitement that the right decision was made. 
 You realize, there is always another day. So you wait for the right time. As you contemplate the cushions, the style of arm, the height, you begin to dream about bare legs or a skirt. You realize, all that fabric, the fuss, the maintenance, the expense. You have decided. It is time to get back out there and find "The One" not the one that got away  or better than the one you let go. This time, after much contemplation and  research you are ready to make the investment  for the commitment to  "The One".
Wrapped in the comfort of the one, This selection will give you years of enjoyment.

Hey readers, This is a blog about design, "Remember" now that I got your attention, let's find you that new sofa. Here are some tips in purchasing the right one for you.
1. Foundation before fabric.
    the quality of the construction is  the most important.
2. More cushions means more pushing.
 if you don't want to fluff or rearrange the cushions, consider a tight back.  is it comfortable?
3. Style of sofa.
There are so many sofas to choose.  Do you want traditional, modern, English arm or Parson.
4.Skirts or legs? Do you like a nice tailored or gathered skirt or do you want a sleek or a tapered leg.
5.Consider the construction of a sofa. the best is kiln-dried hardwoods, Do not consider a softer pine lumber, Cheap furniture is often shoddy and stapled at the corner braces. Better frames are securely screwed together.
6.What is under your seat? Find out how the seat support system is made. 8-way tied springs are better that cheap wire coils.
7. I like the feel of a foam core wrapped in a feather/down muslin cover.It makes for a softer seat. It is more expensive than foam cover in Dacron. If you are having a custom sofa made, Go for it.
8. Textiles selection is the final choice. Your choice to be based on your lifestyle. Leather is long lasting and attractive. Velvet is lovely but documents wear (we don't want to be reminded that we just sat there and that extra gallon of ice cream was not necessary).   There are many choices and a professional interior designer can help you with your selections.  Remember we live our lives on them. make it for keeps.

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