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Thursday, May 26, 2011

recent departures become new arrivals

Earlier this week, I made the final inspection of the custom furniture being shipped by truck to the Modern Mountain Lodge.It was beyond cozy. The antique Indonesian teak bench that has been sitting in my living room for months is now being safely put into a van that will be delivered to  the trucking company that will deliver and install this beautiful furniture in its new home. I sent photos via text to my client. She had only seen being built. She called immediately. She was exceedingly happy.Soon She and her family will be able to enjoy its beauty and comfort.  It was a joy to know that this was finally on its way. Now the wait begins, the calls for tracking numbers, the anticipation, the anxiety, the excitement. then finally all of this will come to rest in its peaceful setting.
from the drawing board

the details are made.

Handsome hand stitched waxed thread on the back side

of a modern gentleman's lounge chair.

Once forgotten

a dream

becomes a new vision.Pony hide on stools become the seat of knowledge. Can you see the vision of grandchildren colouring in books and learning to read in  the library? Can you imagine sitting on the bench putting on your snow boots this Winter?

A Place where new dreams are made

in a modern lodge in the mountains.
It has been almost a year in the making, years in the planning. the dream became a vision. The vision became of goal. the goal has become the success of a design project that has gone well. A little bit of creativity and the dream becomes a reality. Soon a house will become a home and a home with be filled with family and a family will share their dreams.

john thompson designer
Associate Member of the Interior Design Society

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