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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

As seen in Oregon Home

The Fall/Winter 2014 is of Oregon Home is featuring an article called " Meet the Designer".  I am very happy to announce that one of them is me,  John Thompson , designer. It will be out on the checkout stands starting this October and available until March 2015.
Here is a little teaser  of photos that were not included in the article.
  Native Oregonian, Bassist collage grad, and textile expert, John teaches at PCC. He naturally educates clients in quality products and good taste. With residential and commercial project in PNW, Nevada and Palm Desert, Clients range from first time home buyers to executives. 
   A former showroom manager, JTD has relationships you need as he combines vision and project management. Local tradesman, custom furniture builders, seamstresses and painters are invisibly supervised during each step with hand-drawn renderings of your new space. exciting first images . you can hold. Leading to the final works of art that surround you. The ones you can sit on, relax under and hug. Regardless of budget, talent and resources are nothing with you. Your inspiration and desire are priceless. Walk in by chance and bring you passion.
 If home isn't an important part of your life now, it will be!

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