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Thursday, August 27, 2009

HB 2 me!

OK this is not a humble way to act on one's birthday! However, I am happy to have made it this far. This past year has been all about the struggle of survival. The challenge to stay focused on the road ahead. Taking it day by day. I have learned so much about myself and the good things in my life. It has been wonderful to understand what is important. love, nurturing, happiness. treating others with genuine respect. Being true to oneself. standing up to loyalty, trustworthiness and honour. These are values that I have bonded with in my life over the years. It is those tools that my parents gave me to work with and bring to my life.

In business, in design and in every aspect of my life those high contrasts of light and dark,good and evil. right and wrong, black and white have all been shaken in my life. however, I believe I have stood strong over the course of this last year and my life.
We have these challenges in our lives to help us to see the growth, to see who we are as humans.
I have pulled some weeds,I have discarded. I have even been left standing wondering what had just happened. I have cried enough tears to fill a dry desert with wonderful reservoirs of water. I have found myself in an oasis in the midst of a wilderness. I have survived and I am alive.

I am beginning anew. ready for the next adventure!

Love your life, make decisions to choose to love everyday, Choose quality over quantity. In the end it will bring you happiness. So proceed forward. It's back to the drafting table to remodel and redesign something fresh.


(don't tell anyone but I am not really 39 anymore)

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