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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

INTERNS: Designing our Future

networking with other designers

Exploring valuable places to shop.

   I fondly recall the late Wayne Martin would often say" Your home can be filled with beautiful furniture, unique accessories and surrounded with exquisite art, but if you weren't compassionate toward others then all of this luxury meant nothing".

           In the last few months, I have had the opportunity to explore other avenues  in the World of Design. In my discovery, I have found wonderful opportunities in the luxury of giving back to my community. The love of interior design has brought me to new dimensions staying connected to this world of creativity. I have  become involved in professional groups,charities, committees and advisory boards for design schools. These volunteer opportunities helped create the dream for success in other people's lives and in my own life.
       Recently, I also have had the great joy of personally mentoring an intern from a local design .In my former career as the showroom manager of the prestigious Wayne Martin Inc in Portland, Oregon, I had the opportunity to help shape the careers of many design students imparting skills in selling great products and helping them to be knowledgeable mercers of fine textiles.The  network of other designers, contractors, workrooms can be invaluable to our future designers.These students of Interior Design schools  are our future employees to our design firms and worthy competition.The talents and skills of a design students can only grow so much. An internship can give more clarity  to a student. Their abilities are to put to the test and honed under the guidance of an experienced Interior Designer. I have found in offering interns my experience  that I have always learned more about design and myself.

Adding another dimension to an education.
     Many of you who personally know me or who have read my blog over the last three years know that I have been on journey filled with insurmountable danger and risk. Today, I have never been more healthier, happier and  encouraged by my future. It holds a lot of promise.
     We create, we design, we decorate. We fill our rooms with all rich and pleasant treasures. This is our how our house is built by the strength of  our professional integrity and the understanding of our own personal character. It is at this time in our lives that we know that we have accomplished great things.Giving back to our community brings us the encouragement to be more than we ever hoped to be. To rise above adversity,to blossom into who we were designed to be. We become great men and women of design. Being true to who we are  can bring out the best in what we design.

Invest into your community, Invest your career in a student intern from your local design schools.

                                                           john thompson designer

          Associate Member of the Interior Design Society


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