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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

being called on the carpet

In Reply to: Re: Called on the carpet posted by Frances Lake on June 06, 2002

: : : I've always known this phrase to mean being censured by your superiors, generally in a derogatory manner but I just read an explannation of the term - While re-reading "Wild Horses" by Dick Francis on page 40 one of his charaters, a film director, is going over a scene to take place in a mock-up of the enquiry room of the English Jockey Club, the ruling house of English racing. He explains that jockeys, trainers, et al, were required to stand on a specific bit of carpet while being drilled by the Directors.

: : True, but there is a more general explanation.

: : Carpet: To carpet someone summons up a picture of a boss reprimanding an underling for a misdemeanour. This goes back to the days of the Victorian Civil Service when attainment of a certain status carried with it the right to a piece of carpet in the office.

: That's interesting, but if attainment of status granted the person the right to carpet in their office, then "to carpet someone" would seem to mean to grant them status whereas being "called on the carpet" would indicate being called before the statused individual. And the bit about the enquiry room - which has existed since Victorian days and before - would also fit your description since the directors of the Jockey Club would all be men of influence in their own right as well as being the final word on the English racetracks.

I found the phrase in a couple of books. But the explanations were fuzzy around the edges

"Being called on the carpet" has brought many employees to their bosses office in fear of being caught for doing something wrong. Being honest about the mistake that was made is the best way to get through a difficult and embarrassing situation.Hopefully it is a way to resolve issues and go forward establishing a new working relationship.
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