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Friday, July 10, 2009

An Honest Entry

There seems to be a trend in design.Clients are being more frugal in their spending habits. As a designer, it is important not to fall into the trap of selling yourself short. Do not sell them CHEAP product for their project. It is OK to find less costly items, But ask yourself, Is it quality? Is it long lasting? Is it worthy to be put into your clients home? Keep your integrity as a creative business person, Less expensive doesn't have to mean cheap. Always remember it is about QUALITY and BEAUTY.
BeWare!!!!!!!! of viewing products online. I want to see it all first hand, To sit in a chair, to touch the fabric. to look inside the drawers to see how it is made. You never know what you'll get online. It can be a true disappointment. however, You can always return it, but what a waste of time. But if you don't care how you spend your time and money, Then go for it. Most likely you will find that it will be a BIG let down. I think it is better to research what you want before you buy it. Spend time to make a quality decision about items for your home.A skilled and talented designer will guide you into making good decisions.
As a designer, maybe you need to rethink your fee structure to sell higher quality items to your client for less of a mark up. You will be happy that you did. Your clients will be happy that you are trying to save them money. I think being honest, trustworthy and wise are still values that are high priorities with most. These are values that are foremost on my mind. Getting caught up with smoke and mirrors to make yourself look good will catch up with you. It can only last so long.
Be honest with design. Communication in every relationship is key to opening doors to success.
FYI: I am sooooooo predictable...
take care

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