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Saturday, July 25, 2009

renaissance men

Earlier this week I had promised to talk about the designer's dream weekend. however i didn't know that my computer at the office would crash. The funeral will be later this you might recall, Went to the 937 party, a dinner party in white and last Saturday, my dear friend Wendy and i met for coffee. we went on an adventure looking for real estate for some potential clients (her friends) to purchase. we ended up in condos in the pearl then finally in uptown in the NW.
While we looked at spaces we decided to visit her former neighbours and friends.
two elderly gentlemen who have been together for 62 years. Even at 80+ years they were the perfect hosts. we sat and listened to all of their stories.
I have always enjoyed the stories that are told by people from a different era. As they talked about the parties at the castle.
and staying the weekend at homes of their friends. it reminded my of one of those Agatha Christie novels the perfect manor house, the beautiful gardens and the wild array of characters that filtered in and
out of their rich and wonderful lives.
however i couldn't help but notice the 3000 year old Chinese objects and the Faberge pieces, mixed with the modern art. the 17th century french furniture looked as new reupholstered in the elegant pale turquoise.
One of the gentlemen grabbed me by the hand to show me all of the beautiful collections they had acquired. next to the kitchen door no bigger than a postcard was an original artist sketch of a Rembrandt. He laughed and said the blue period Picasso's were down in storage. they simply didn't go with the rest of all the exquisite artwork that was plastered all over the walls.
Two and a half hours later, I learned it wasn't the beauty of this space that made the interiors a home. it was the beautiful nurturing love that these two men have shared for their entire life. Something that most of us dream about. Which is
a life filled with promise and adventure. They were planning their next trip to visit the brother's castle in Belgium, but of course complained how cold the stone floors were. Maybe they would stay at the inn down the road. They possibly thought that the stone stairs to the bedroom suites were a bit much. their vitality simply is inspiring, their home was truly beautiful and their love was simply true.



(photos are simply inspiration of what they have collected and do not reflect the true images)

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