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Monday, October 19, 2009

in memory of teddy

Dear Heather,

Recently, My dear friend Heather lost someone very special to her.It is times like this that we all need to reflect upon the value of friendship and family. We draw near to those that we love and care about for support. Knowing that the bond of devotion gives us strength during this turmoil.No words can truly say what we feel.

When you visit her store, The Consignment Gallery in Portland you will always be greeted warmly. Her shop has a wide variety of high quality consigned furniture and decorative arts. I would go there often with dear friends to hunt for the "right thing" for our own homes. It was more about the hunt and the wonderful conversations that we all had with Heather and her staff. I now find myself traveling to her shop by myself as I have now found a new path for myself. I fondly recall those days shared with special friends.
Heather, thank you very much for supporting me in my time when I struggled for my life. Your wise words helped me during my recent path toward freedom and emotional loss. You are a good friend. You are in my thoughts.

In your own words
"Teddy was such a gentleman. He was a gentle soul whose devotion left me in awe. We miss him terribly."

Love your friend,

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