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Friday, October 23, 2009

dark and dreamy

It seems as if is in the air. Dark Colours on interior walls. As you recall i was inspired recently by cerulean blue from my favourite movie The Devil wears Prada.. OK this was a HUGE MISTAKE. I had the paint store mix the colour in semi gloss. I started painting it. I realized half way through while it was drying that it looked like the bottom of a swimming pool. I don't know what i was thinking. I feel fortunate that it was my house and not the home of a client. I left and went to a birthday party. when i got home around 11:30 pm it didn't look any better. By the morning, I decided that I was going to have a swimming pool party.The only trouble, I didn't have time to do an evite via the Internet. I needed to change it immediately. I called a good friend and had a major FREAK OUT. So we went to the another paint store. the only one that was opened on Sunday.
We chose a great spruce green/peacock blue in an eggshell finish.
I had to remember it was only paint and time and money. It looks so good. this weekend I am going to finish it. I am very happy how it is turning out.
i had coffee with a friend the other day. we were talking about paint. he has decided to paint his living room black. What an awesome bold choice. here is a photo of his inspiration. Earlier in June of this year I wrote another blog about using dark colours. "THIS DARK SPACE" if you get a chance you should read it again.

Even though my disaster turned out OK. i learned that it is OK to make mistakes. especially when it is your home. I am convincing myself that it was an expensive experiment.I am finally having a great laugh over the whole situation. i won't think about the colour anymore. Colour can be tricky. Paint is easy to replace. It is just another phase of changes that i am making in my life. REMEMBER if your paint is the same colour as the painter's tape that you are using.
It is a mistake.
I will think about furniture soon, NOT BLUE. Not this time.
This is the price you pay when you aren't afraid of colour.Be prepared for errors. I look at it this way, It was just expensive primer.

keep on smiling,

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Alisha Godin said...

This is beautiful. It reminds me of a photo shoot that really caught my eye due to such rich textures and prints. It was actually done outside but had beautiful colors like this. When I saw it I thought.... I'd love my house to have that "feel". Here is one of the pictures...