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Saturday, November 7, 2009

provincial life: getting back to basics

My hands cradled the cup of hot green tea as I sat in a rocking chair.Huddled in a wool army blanket I could hear the splash of fish jumping out of the dark, murky water. The crisp clean night air was filled with the hint of the spicy aroma of a Turkish cigarette. My mind wandered between the wonderful conversation with my host and the enduring memories of a time when life was more simpler. The flashing red and white lights of a barge grew ever nearer. I could feel the slight shift of the deck as it passed by in the channel.
Inside the small floating home, the warmth of the stove and the dark walls made you feel very cozy. I sat in a brown leather wing chair. The unique objects positioned around the room spoke about the depth of character of the person that lived there.
I imagined how truly remarkable it would be to wake there every morning, to be apart of the peace and calm of the early morning activity of the river. wildlife coming down to feed. A flock of geese flying overhead. . To sit and read the newspaper with a frothy cappuccino.
I smiled quietly to myself and realized how fortunate the owner of this home was. How incredibly wonderful to have friends and family visit and to actually take the time to get to know the deeper qualities of who they really are. It is the laughter, the sadness, the good times and even the pain that make up who we are.It is that ability to share with others what is on our hearts that truly matters. Reflecting on and making choices to better our lives. It is these quieter times in our existence that makes it worth getting up and enjoying that brief moment called life.



Michael Mattison said...

Hi John,
Beautiful post, in every sense.
Looking forward to more!

Jaime A. said...

This is a wonderful post. You should consider sharing it with the host you're discussing, if you haven't already.