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Monday, November 16, 2009

shopping spree

It is one of those ordinary Monday afternoons. I am wishing that it was the weekend already. The yellow and rust leaves are swirling and dancing down the sidewalk. It is actually quite warm for an Autumn day. I think it is going to rain. It is just that feeling you get when you have seen this type of weather before.
To offset the slight boredom of the afternoon. I sip on my nonfat latte,while shopping on the internet on It is something good to do while relaxing for a few minutes. below are some of my funky finds.
Of course,you know I would immediatedly gravitate to the stripe chest, the crusty patina of the weathervain or the black leather office chair. Today it seems as if the eclectic mix is simply a world wind of international styles and periods.
It is calm. It is now getting dark outside.
There is definitely a storm in the mix. Traffic will be hectic. However, I am looking forward to settling in,lighting a few candles, spending time with my son and enjoying my life as a single dad. It is a good feeling.
Tommorrow, the upholsterer is coming over to pick up my 70's swivel dining armchairs. I am using a mohair in an asparagas colour and a vinyl called fetish(okay that sounds kind of kinky) from



For some reason the spell check is not working. I apologize for any mispelled words.
I had the fortune of visiting the museum this weekend. the China Now exhibit was very exciting. I am definitely going again.

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