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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

let's get WiLd ANd cRaZY OnE MOre TiME

This year has been a time in which i had a lot of time to think about the course in which my life was going and what path I was going to travel. My dear friend, heather, an owner of a consignment shop in Portland was there when i need a good friend to talk to. This year the love of her life, teddy her border collie passed away. (You can read about it in a previous blog that i wrote this autumn.) These events often alter our journey, but we continue. This year i am very grateful to continue. I hope that you enjoy her wonderful space as much as i did.

Good morning, Yesterday I mentioned going to a friend's home over the Memorial Day weekend. I would have loved if you would have been able to go. I hope these pictures will reinterrupt what I saw. I wished it would have worked out if you could have come also. Maybe next time. Just imagine these images but a hundredfold. It was truly an AwESoME Visual ExPERIenCe! It truly waS A WONDERFUL COLLECTION OF SOMEONE'S LIFE.tHE DOGS were truly gracious. I never felt more comfortable.
Love, John

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Michael Mattison said...

Lovely posts, John. Very thoughtful. (And pleasing to the eye, as always.)
Wishing you and yours very happy holidays; enjoy.