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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Strength of confident Blue.

The passion of this life is something that keeps me strong. I was reminded by a dear friend this morning of how strong I really am. Not the strength one might see parading around in the Olympic arenas. But my strength is in the quality of my choices, my character, my values,my integrity as a businessman and as a designer and my ability as a parent and a friend. I may never be a superhero zooming in from outer space on a silver surfboard saving the world from imploding from within. But I know that my passion for this life and what it brings is strong. I was reflecting on some of the things in this life that I love beside my family, my friends, design and riding my bicycle.
One of the other passions that I have is my garden. The weather has been very nice for the last few days to actually work in my yard. It has been a long time(almost 3 years) that I was physically able to do what was required in my yard to keep it together.
The blooms late as they may be are beginning to burst forth with vivid colour. One colour in particular is a favourite in my yard. I am reminded every year of a wonderful poem by Robert Francis as my yard is reborn, as I am reborn.

As this is a blog about interior design, may I just add. Many believe that all blues must match in their home. I think this poem may show you a different thought. So take strength in your passion. be confident with your choices.

Sincerely, John


Her flowers were exclusive blue.
No other color scheme would do.

Better than God she could reject
Being a gardener more select.

Blue, blue it was against the green
With nothing not blue sown or seen.

Yet secretly she half-confessed
With blue she was not wholly blessed.

All blue, she found, do not agree.
Blue riots in variety.

Purist-perfectionist at heart.
Her vision flew beyond her art--

Beyond her art, her touch, her power
To teach one blue to each blue flower.

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