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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

an introduction to my blog

Laying in bed seems to be a luxury many of us aspire to. whether it is a lazy sunday afternoon reading the newspaper, a lingering conversation cuddled up next to the one you love or just simply sleeping. I on the other hand spent six months in bed exhausted after grueling treatments of radiation and chemotherapy, battling an aggresive stage 2 colorectal cancer. Now with two successful operations behind me. I still have six months more of chemotherapy. I was not going to let the year be wasted. I remained focused on my true passion, my 12 year old son and even managed to complete 3 design projects. I just kept telling myself it was just a sofa or it was just a delayed fabric. It was no big deal. Surprisingly with all of my health struggles and with the help of my good friend and assistant ,Wendy.I was able to complete my design projects.

Tomorrow while having my infusion, I will spend time drawing interiors from magazines.Oh! I will also write down a few places that I love to shop for home furnishings around the city of Portland. Life is precious. Do something with all of your passion. Do it well...

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