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Friday, December 5, 2008

ste. maine christmas party

Erin and Elizabeth hosted a beautiful Christmas party at their store. I had a chance to chatt with them. They simply are very gracious ladies. I am so happy that I went to their party. My day was spent in the oncology dept. Unfortunately I was there longer than expected when a car accident blew out the hospital's power. I did another rendering from a magazine, I chose a photo from the article that I wrote about the other day. I guess I will have a whole portofilio renderings of other designer's projects by the time I get done with 6 more months of chemotherapy.

Back to the party. I was greeted by their staff. they served white wine, fruit, cheese etc. Hot Box Betty(sorry ladies, I can't remember your names) a clothing store on Broadway also showed some of the lastest fashions for women. Elizabeth's husband had purchased some men's clothing so I had a chance to see the beautiful men's cashmire cardigans and jeans. There was quite a crowd of people there. Everyone who was everyone was there, although, I didn't know a soul except Elizabeth and Erin. My friend, Chase was stuck in ugly traffic but would have come to the party. I hope some of you made it. I hope I won the fur throw in the the raffle. It will make a great Christmas present for someone special.

Ok! I did shop also and purchased a amazing framed butterfly(20% discount because I came to the party). It had a wing span of about four inches. It was in my favourite colour( NO NOT STRIPES sidenote: I always tell my clients that my favourite colour is a stripe) This amazing animal had gorgeous white wings with black polkadots. I can't have stripes all the time. When I get it hung I will have to take a photo of it. I told Erin, I always start my Christmas shopping with a gift to myself. That made her laugh and she thought it was a great idea. atleast you get what you really want if you buy it yourself and you can spend as much as you want without guilt. After my LONG VISIT in oncology I deserved it. It really can put you in the mood. Please check out their boutique. oh! by the way! their shopping bags are beautiful.The package was wrapped so divinely i hate to almost unwrap it. It will be a wonderful gift that I can act surpised that a thoughful person got for me for Christmas. OK! i guess I am a shopaholic.

I was so exited to tell you about my find that I had to write one more blog this week.
Please take care and have a great weekend.


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