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Sunday, February 15, 2009

textiles that deserve a standing ovation

Today, Wendy, my design assistant and longtime friend went shopping in the retail world of textiles. I will call them fabrics for the first time. what I saw didn't deserve the name textiles. I was taught as a young child if you can't say anything nice say nothing. So I guess I will keep my comments to myself. I guess I will say they have their place. I just never want to go there.

Beautiful textiles are a must to make designer's interiors jump off the page of the magazine. They make a great first impression. however, I think it would be wise to choose quality over quantity because great textiles will outlive a poor quality fabric. Choosing quality textiles for your home is one of the most important investments you can make in your interior's project.Quality does not necessarily mean expensive. Your designer is a professional and knows how to put together a cost effective look without blowing your budget. an interior designer will guide you with your selections. Decorating can be expensive so using wisdom in your project is valuable. If your budget will not support designer textiles try to slip them in whenever you can. Pillows make a huge statement and can dress up your home like a great tie or a wonderful accessory draping around your neck to enhance your dress. It is that jewel that puts you on the red carpet and your furniture will take notice.

Your custom furniture, family heirlooms or even thrift store finds would be honoured to have quality designer textiles upholstered on their frames. If they had hands they would applaud you for your excellent taste or your wonderful decision to seek the help of a creative, knowledgeable interior designer.

No apologies for being a textile snob.



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