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Friday, February 20, 2009

Exclusive Blue

In the early light of the morning, I will not be found strolling my park like gardens thinking of wonderful things that have happened or dreaming about things that will be.( by the way,I have plenty of gardening projects to do). I will be standing in my kitchen looking out my window realizing that spring comes early in Portland. The steaming milk from the espresso machine is almost foamed to perfection and soon I will be enjoying my morning nonfat latte. I recently took a design project on in which the whole house is blue.A colour in which I am not fond of. Except in clothing or as I am also reminded of a poem by Robert Francis. Then I realized how easy this project will be.


Her flowers were exclusive blue.
No other color scheme would do.

Better than God she could reject
Being a gardener more select.

Blue, blue it was against the green
With nothing not blue sown or seen.

Yet secretly she half-confessed
With blue she was not wholly blessed.

All blue, she found,do not agree.
Blue riots in variety.

Purist-perfectionist at heart.
Her vision flew beyond her art---

Beyond her art, her touch, her power
To teach one blue to each blue flower.

have the best day,


Patricia Gray said...

What a beautiful poem by Robert Francis and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!

john thompson said...

thank you very much!