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Sunday, February 22, 2009

shop green

pillows are Heirloom colour:fresh from

Santa Barbara dining side chairs from HBF

OK, this is not a blog about being green. However, Portland is the greenest city in the nation and has been called a model for Sustainable living for decades. Actually my client and her husband fell in love some HBF lounge chairs that were on sale at a retail furniture store in the fashionable downtown neighbourhood " The Pearl".
I convinced them to buy the pale green chairs. These chairs set the pace for the rest of the design project. They continued to buy locally from the shops in their neighbourhood. Their sofa was custom built by one of the local upholsterers that I use in my projects. Supporting what you buy locally can really help the environment. You see I am a green designer. I like to shop locally and it is one of my favourite colours.So Please buy green and for those of you
who follow LEED standards seriously then please buy "green". I am getting better. I am buying at consignment stores, taking my recycling to the curb and even saving paper.
I am just having a little pun on words today.
Please take care,
John steel tea table(see photo) and tete a tete (not pictured). Asian cabinet (not pictured) dining furniture, other case goods and wool area rug custom silk and wool Lap chi area rug in dining room

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