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Friday, February 6, 2009

venetian blind

Earlier today,I was chatting online with an old friend from high school. She was describing her trip to Venice, Italy as being truly magical. Also today "the New Classics" collection from came out today. I fell in love with "Roundelay" in the black and white colour seen below. It reminded me of the architectural features that I have seen in Italian design or even a garden labyrinth.

The new collection is truly spectacular,like the Venetian Carnevale or the Regatta races on the Grande canal.

The wonderful aspect of using Mark Pollack's collection is that it is very diverse. One can use old pattern's like Theresa or Pageantry. It mixes so well with his new collection.

"The New Classics" collection is filled with graphic patterns, dupioni silks, linens, vinyls, "green",etc.

Some of our Inspiration in interior design comes our experiences. Take it all in to your creative soul.

Although I have never been to Venice. I was inspired by the beautiful textiles and my friend's travel experiences. Your imagination can create beautiful rooms. If you close your eyes and listen. Your imagination becomes alive. Let your interiors become alive. Listen, dream,experience your next design project through your clients vision. I CAN'T WAIT To use this next collection in a new design project. IT IS MAGICAL!

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