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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Foo Dogs (there's no foo like and old foo)

Foo Dogs can be traced as early as the Han Dynasty. Their first appearance was in Chinese art, which dates back to approximately 208 BC to about 221AD. Foo Dogs vanished for nearly 400 years after their first appearance. they later returned in the T'ang Dynasty that was in power from 618 to 917 AD. Foo Dogs were popular because of their meaning . the Lion Is a creature of the feline race that is known as the proud master of all cats. Its introduction into Chinese are coincided with Buddhism. the Foo Dog was the protector of sacred buildings and defender of law. the dogs were commonly placed at business institutions, temple gates, home entrances and estates. it was also not uncommon to scare evil spirits. Through out the ages, Foo Dogs were frequently given as gifts to the Emperor. they would be presented in sculptures or in the form of artwork.

On a side note today is April Food day, It is a day set aside for you to donate money to feed those who are in need. To learn more go to
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Patricia Gray said...

Hi John
Thanks for mentioning this worthy charity event: April Food Day.
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