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Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Warm Tropical Haven

Inspiration can come from any place. A few descriptive words in a letter, a photo, an object, an experience from travel, a colour or even just a dream from your imagination can spark a design concept. When you conceive a vision, it becomes a part of your soul. To be able to convey those ideas to a design professional can spark the creative flow.
A dear friend of mine recently emailed me and was interested in redoing her bedroom. the images above hopefully will help her spark her own imagination and yours. Remember a photo does speak a thousand words.
take care,

1 comment:

Garrison said...

Very Island Tropical...easy to feel the breeze coming thru your window with natural linens and textiles around you. I'm a big fan of Lesley Anton and I think you are showing her lamp in the inspiration board. Nice work.