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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rooms I Could Live In

Yesterday, I wrote about taking baby steps in leaving your beige rooms behind. Now today, I am showing rooms that I could live in that are neutral. What is up with that? I felt these rooms would help you see better as to why I could live in them.

I would like to start with the room at the bottom. This room is a timeless classic. It is well balanced with pictures on either side of the mirror. The mirror is in scale with the sideboard below it. The dark warm grey walls pull the room together.There is refined order.

The bedroom in the middle has high contrasts of light and dark tones. The simple lines of the furniture add to the restful atmosphere of the bedroom. Although there is no pattern. The soft linens are a visual texture. The scallop edges of the euro shams continue to add detail. The soft grey wool on the chair and the upholstered bed add to the simplicity. The various tones keep the room interesting but restful.

OK! the dining room is probably a bit much but not for me.The complimentary colours of the lime and raspberry clearly make a statement. a dining room is a room in which you entertain with food. The psychology of using the warm colour on the wall is enough to experience the delights of a wonderful meal that awaits you and your guests. Red makes you more hungry. The plaid silk drapery add to the excitement this room has to offer. However, it is a bit tame for me. I would have put a more pattern on the dining chairs. WHERE ARE THE STRIPES? It seems naked and sad without them. I never leave home without them. As you recall from previous blogs, stripes are my favourite colour, Oops! pattern.

I had another photo but I lost it while typing this blog so I Will leave that for another day. I won't leave you clueless as to why I picked it out. It had beautiful Fornaseti pillows on the sofa. Need I say more. If you would like to read more about Fornaseti, read my blog titled "Fornasetti Revisited"on 3 March 2009.

take care and enjoy the day,


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