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Saturday, June 20, 2009

my new office

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Today, my friend, Wendy and I met for coffee. We chatted about all the wonderful things that were happening around the world. (actually just in our own personal lives). It made me realize how wonderful it was to laugh and experience new things.
My life has been open to so many different possibilities." I don't know if you know this but I am kind of an important guy". We went shopping at our favourite little store, Cielo Home. We found these beautiful porcelain lamps with an Etruscan motif. They were exquisite. I also saw some beautiful plates.They are $1800 for the set. I just don't understand how anyone could part with them.
So I am blogging about my new office space. After a year of living in the nightmare of stage 3 colon cancer, I decided that I needed some changes. Last summer I purchased a Gregory Grenon, a Jack Portland, and a little Italian armchair, which I had reupholstered in Pollack Associates new spring collection Roundelay in colour: white wall tire. I just love it. The chair is also double welted in a black and gold pinstripe silk. I added some pillows for my brown leather sofa. they are made of Pollack's fabric , Legend, an ethnic weave. His inspiration was taken from tribal textiles woven by women. We added a new light fixture overhead. The grass cloth from Silk Dynasty looks fantastic.
I am really excited about getting down to business again. That is the business of making people's surrounding beautiful. I feel renewed. I am feeling really happy nowadays. I am truly enjoying living life and laughing again.As with us all in the business of decorating homes it has been tough. However, I know Great things are just around the corner.
I could feel a few more dollars in my pocket.:)
Be of good cheer,


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