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Thursday, June 18, 2009

This Dark Space!

When humankind first entered the cave for shelter. They had the need to express themselves artistically. Dark, moody atmospheres are often cast as brooding malevolent hovels. Actually quite the opposite. They evoke solemn spiritually and awakening. The key to any dark interior is the balance of light and shade. Caravaggio, the italian artist used this often in his paintings. In modern film, the silver screen could evoke an entire range of emotions from fear,danger to bliss, peace and solitude through the play of light and shade.,
Today's modern interiors continue to imitate that same idea of comfort that our ancestors would seek in a their own shelters.
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, (29 September 1571–18 July 1610) was an Italian artist active in Rome, Naples, Malta and Sicily between 1593 and 1610. He was the first great representative of the Baroque school of painting, noted for his intensely emotional canvases and dramatic use of lighting.[1] He is widely considered one of the greatest painters in European history.
"What begins in the work of Caravaggio is, quite simply, modern painting".



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