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Monday, June 1, 2009

Room of the week

I have been writing blogs for many months discussing history of design periods, furniture, featuring high profile designers, etc.
Now I would like
to evoke a response from many of my readers from john thompson designer and facebook. I am hoping that you will look and see what you like about this room.
THERE IS No right or Wrong answer. We develope our taste when we communicate, when we think, when we look deeper.
Here is your chance to really be involved in learning more about design. Have fun with this. I will leave this blog up all week long.
thank you,

P.S. if you don't like this room, feel free to comment also.


James Lambdin said...

I am enjoying the Settee paired with the coffee table, it balances the visual weight cast by the heavy molding of the mantel. I agree with the pairing of the Buffet table and mirror against the Mantel. The compilation reeks of Baroque influence :) Change the Shades and those hideous prints. Lets not taint our classical flavor with contemporary spices.

tartanscot said...

wow. great room. I love the colour story and the textile choices. the more contemporary artwork is an interesting contrast with the more classical furnishings.
Possibly either the side chairs or the two stools in the main seating area could be a bit stronger or more substantial . . . it depends on how the room is used. I feel the loss of more comfortable seating in the space.

but overall, nicely done.