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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

drawing board

I think it was a Friday night in October when I was meeting some friends for happy hour that I stumbled upon a retro furniture store in NW Portland. I had been there a few years ago with a friend. We often went window shopping for furniture for his mid century modern home. I had forgotten that they existed. The store front is located in the basement of an old apartment building with a separate street level entrance. The store always had odd hours so it was rare that it was opened. The economy must have driven them up from their subterranean establishment to grab the attention of those passing by on the sidewalk.I was early for drinks, so I stopped to look.
I found a set of four 70's style swivel dining chairs covered in the original awful green striped vinyl. They were in mint condition. The tag said $80. The price per chair wasn't bad. I told the dealer that if he could save them for me until the morning. I would pick them up. I wanted to clarify the price. It turned out to be $80 for the entire set of 4. It was the deal of the century. As a single man with a growing teenager I have to be wise on how I spend money. I never know what Plastic Gizmo(IPOD!, GAME BOY!,DVD)that I might have to purchase.
I knew a good deal when I saw it. Took a photo on my cell phone. On Monday, my upholsterer gave me a quote. I ordered the fabric. They were delivered two days before Christmas, Voila, I now have dining chairs.
I still haven't figured out how to download my picture of the newly upholstered chairs. so please bear with me. By the end of this year, I hope to have finally figured out simple 21st century technology. Until then, please bear with me.
I should have lived in the Edwardian Age.

The back side of the chairs are covered in Mark Pollack's vinyl , Fetish colour: cauldron and the front and the seat are in his Sedan Plush colour: asparagus. It is an faux mohair.The blend of the bronze vinyl and soft warm green of the mohair make for an interesting mix.

sincerely, John

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