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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Keeping it simple, It's hard to do...

I saw this African mask the other day at a consignment shop that I frequent. The identical one on 1st was going for about $500 more. The one in the shop in Portland was definitely a bargain. I just wished that I had a place for it. In my efforts to purge my life from clutter, chaos and craziness. It is the last thing I need to dust. But I really love it.
As I ponder about it for the next few weeks, my friend Heather, the owner of the shop might reduce the price.Then I will think about it more. I bet I could find the perfect place in my living room, Until then I will wait and dream. It is rather large.It is about 30" or more in diameter. maybe i will just dream about it...
It is a part of my inspiration for all the simplistic but detailed things that I am doing in my living room.I can hardly believe that my idea doesn't involve a stripe. I decided the simplicity of black, white, taupe, silver, bronze and of course Deep Peacock blue walls makes a statement in itself.
It is all coming together. I should check the status on my new sofa in the morning.
take care,
CEV, I hope all is well.


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