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Thursday, January 15, 2009

baskets of fruit,fun and birds

The meticulous miniature watercolours and sculpture are my inspiration for today! the artist is Rene Rickabaugh. You can view his art at the in Portland,Oregon. Charles Froelick is the owner. This last summer shortly after my surgery, He graciously gave Chase and myself a tour. His collection of Rickabaugh's are very beautiful. They are fun and they make me happy! Although I haven't purchased one. they are about $4500 or more. I have saved postcards and computer images that i look at when i need a boost! after yesterday's experience at oncology these fun watercolours brought some positive energy to me today.
Thank you Charles for being a wonderful soul. I appreciate your kindness toward me over the years and your offer of help during my battle with cancer. One of these days, i will have to visit you again.
sincerely, John

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