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Friday, January 30, 2009


I must confess I am truly crazy about stripes. I often find myself wearing them in some type of apparel . If it isn't a pinstriped suit or tie. It is a sweater or my favourite belt in chartreuse and periwinkle. Although yesterday, I was in a dark mood and wore grey and black, not one stripe.
In the rooms above, Bold black and white stripes bring clarity and order to the interiors. They accent the bold colours in one room and become the statement piece that stands out in a room that is soft and understated in the middle. Or just plain whimsical using vertical and horizontal stripes.
The room with the striped cabinet is a design project that I did recently.
John Thompson Designer at 503-367-0920 . I am working on my website. Okay that is a lie. I am too old fashioned to have a website. OK let's try this. My blog is my web site. Actually i have a wonderful portfolio. I am just being quirky today. well everyday. That is a good thing. I think.
The room with the striped chair was designed by Eric Cohler of New York at
The whimsical room with V and H stripes was designed by Celerie Kemble at
Have fun . be bold. Do it with a stripe. You'll never be sorry you did.It will become your favourite pattern.

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