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Sunday, January 4, 2009


It's a new year. This should prove to be an exciting year for me. I am surviving Colon Cancer. Although I have months of chemotherapy to manage still. My friend, Chase reminded me that it was stage three cancer. I guess chemo brain doesn't allow me to remember how close I came to not being here. So breathing air is an important thing. I seem to talk about it alot. I am grateful that I did what my doctors told me to do because I am here to live another day. So that is something to celebrate. It is the little things in life that have helped me make it, like a bright smile and a twinkling eye.

Oh! this is a design blog, I should talk about interior design. which has been good therapy for me. in the next few weeks I would like to share some of my past projects, Discuss good design on a tight budget. (can anyone say" consignment shop"),Putting together a project on a limited time schedule, Taking on projects when you have horrible health(I am not talking about the flu) and trusting a great design assistant with everything while going into surgery the next day. Thank You very much Wendy. It was also helpful to have understanding fun loving clients.

I would also like to discuss colour, pattern, furniture, architectural spaces. I will answer" is a stripe a pattern or a colour?" That is an inside joke. People often ask me what my favourite colour is. I always tell them "STRIPES". I go nuts over stripes on walls, furniture, textiles, socks, sweaters, details within other patterns, etc. I once hired someone because I liked his striped socks during the interview. Actually he is a very talented designer. OK I am a little quirky. Have fun this year. There will be more.

take care, John

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