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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pillow Talk

Pillow talk, Pillow talk...

...Talking about pillows!
My pillow and me...

I am not going to sing the theme song to one of the

best romantic comedies movies ever. So you will have to watch it,however It is a about a interior decorator that shares a party line with a womanizing cad. This is before the internet and cell phones. Through a series of events they meet and fall in love the old fashioned way. It is awesome!
go to to rent it if you haven't seen it for awhile. Ok i admit it. I own a copy. I need to exchange my VHS tape for a dvd soon!

How many pillows should go on a bed? Again It is not how many but what kind that is important. There are Euro shams, and sleeping pillows, body pillows, shams and decorative pillows. If more end up on the floor at night than under your head, between you knees or supporting your back, you've got the wrong kind and the wrong amount.

In choicing the correct sleeping pillow you should know if you are a side, back, or a stomach sleeper. They have pillows specially made for all your needs. I think it is important when selecting any type of bedding that you seek an expert. They can ask the proper questions that will suit your needs. I usually ask my friend Chase. He is in charge of a fine bed linens at a bedding store. I would trust him on every occasion when it comes to choosing the right bedding.

It was fun spending good quality time in bed with you this week. It is good to talk and have a few laughs in bed. Let's do it again!

sincerely, John


mhlinen said...

Pillows like the one with the Chinese dog (I think) are so cool! The one above Doris Day and Rock Hudson? Especially when they represent architectural pieces from columns or Gothic buildings. What kind of room would you place one in? Living room, casual?

john thompson said...

Since i love strong contrast and the chinese dog pillow seems so formal. I would use it in a room as a piece of humour,nothing serious. Like a casual living room. although with the right bedding, i could see it as a throw pillow on a bed.