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Thursday, January 8, 2009

bedside tables

The summer of 2008, I was in bed for months, recovering from the biggest fight of my life, Stage 3 colon cancer. I lived in my bed mostly because it was to painful to get up. I literally had to be scooped out of bed by my friend chase when I stayed with him for two weeks before I went home. I discovered the importance of a good bedside table.

It played host to my ever famous water bottle. The countless prescription bottles. my cell phone, my cheque book, my favourite magazines; traditional home and new york spaces. It became my desk while i conducted business with upholsterers, drapery work rooms, clients and design assistants.

In my own bedroom, the funky orange chest has a photo of my son, an acrylic candle stick that i bought from
, a ceramic hand painted lamp with story book characters.(OK I am a kid at heart)One day as I lay there my twelve year old son placed two small alligator toys to watch over me to help me fight against cancer. He set a vase with paper and plastic flowers on the bedside table that he made. It was one of his art projects from the summer camp from the local art college. He knew I was only able to enjoy our garden by looking out my windows. It was a beautiful sea of purple and blue, French lavender,Butterfly bushes, Purple and creme striped Passion flowers climbing on the fence, but nothing compared to those paper and plastic flowers in the cobalt blue glass bottle. The only thing missing was the aroma of the symphony being conducted in the backyard.

A good night stand should be stable. it should have at least one drawer to hold your stuff. It should be level with your mattress so you can reach over to it get something. Or high enough that you don't bang you head against it when you get out of bed.

When selecting a table lamp make sure that you can't see the bright ugly light bulb. You don't want to bump precious items when turning the lamp on either.

My design projects

pictured above: left to right, Chase's guest bedroom with nightstand, my bedroom with Eli Halprin's painting birch trees above, Guest bedroom over the horse barn with colourful night stand. Oh!above all of them is Eric enjoying his summer guest Cheetah the leopard gecko from science class.

the rest are some of my favourite bedside tables

rest well in peace,


oh! I do love traditional furniture too!
see below.

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