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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

the best recipe for success is all about the mix.

The following is the inspiration for a new design project. The eclectic mix of patterns and styles should be combined in a unifying theme. I have used colour and shapes to mix asian bronzes with art deco,Mid century gilded game chairs with beidermier tables, expensive wholesale with the inexpensive retail. Good design is a mix of all of these elements.The selection of the items that you choose depend on the size and how the furniture is being used. If it is done correctly the visual layers should express your lifestyle and bring a sense of warmth to your home. No one would ever no which piece came from a designer showroom or a thrift store.It should never appear overwhelming. It is a collection that seems to have been collected over time. It should never look like you got it all from the same store or that you ripped the look right out of a magazine. What is creative about that. I don't like to follow trends. I beleive my unique style is rare. I am inspired by others but i never copy. what is the fun of that. If you are going to hire an interior designer why would you want your home to look like your neighbours. Remember to use existing pieces that you love, family heirlooms etc.
Look forward to sharing more.
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Garrison said...

Details, details,'s all such a great compilation, but it's due to your eye for the details. What a great mix.