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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Please Dont' use the " C " word!

There are three words that you do not use in regard to interior design. CURTAINS, You say drapery.COUCH, you say sofa and CHEAP, you say inexpensive. this morning I would like to show you some very beautiful and inexpensive light fixtures that you can buy online at
Yes, I am a snob when it comes to buying textiles for the home, however when you are on a budget,you are trying to decorate your kids room,or going out on your own in your first apartment. You got to know where to go to spend your money.
Invest in a quality sofa upholstered in designer textiles of course ( I am teasing, however I insist that you buy a quality piece of furniture) I will talk about that in another blog.
Lighting up your space is very important. Having good general, ambient, or task lighting is very important. The light fixtures that i am showing today are INEXPENSIVE and will provide the type of lighting that you need for reading in bed, watching television. Setting the mood in your living room for conversation or just relaxing. All of these are under $100. The only danger is that you are buying online, I couldn't tell you if I thought they were well made. They look great. Target doesn't sell most of these in their stores. YES! I have been in one of their stores. At least I think it was Target...

Remember, Good looking design doesn't have to be expensive.Maybe soon I will show you some expensive lamps that you can purchase on

Have a good morning,



Anonymous said...

Nice blog, here is some more Kids Room Lighting at affordable price.

Angela Todd said...

I agree. Those three words I avoid, avoid, avoid!!!