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Monday, May 11, 2009

how many designers does it take to turn on a light fixture?

This morning I had written this wonderful blog. it had great pictures. when I had completed it I pressed "save" and was going to publish it. Well it wasn't the save key and I erased the whole blog. This is what happens when being a dumb blonde doesn't come in handy. So when I get home from my office this evening I will download the photos.
The other day I showed photos of light fixtures that really looked great that one can purchase from target on line. have some great table lamps that you can buy. I hope that you enjoy them. I promise next time I will have my morning latte before I write another blog.

It would be just like me not to give the answer to the question. It wouldn't take any designers to turn on a light fixture that is why you hire an electrical expert. OK, I never said I was a comedian. I also know how to turn on a lamp too! I am not a prima donna( that's questionable) But I am a fabulous interior designer. I also have a quirkey sense of humour and can make fun of myself.
have a good day!

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Jessica said...

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