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Thursday, May 28, 2009

it's my party! and i'll cry if i want to!

Your guests for the long awaited family reunion are going to be arriving within the next two weeks.The room that you have been working on for months with your decorator is almost complete. There is just one problem. The textile that was chosen for your furniture is just not right.
Your designer seems in awe as to know how to resolve this problem. What seems as if it were a bad upholstery job might be the fabric's fault. the upholster, the decorator, the manufacturers rep have all put in their two cents. you have even called the 1-800 number to the textile company with no result. WHAT DO YOU DO?
It's a problem. I have found problems usually get resolved.
This kind of thing takes time to resolve. if it hasn't been fixed in 6 months, it will take a miracle to get it resolved before the clock runs out. Don't panic. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes can interject some logical answers. Your local rep that works with designers has built a relationship with them and will want to fix this if they can. A knowledgeable textile rep should be able to advice you as to what the problem is.
Hopefully the manufacture can send out fabric to replace it (hopefully without cost to you). IF THEY DISCOVER IT IS NOT THEIR FABRIC. THIS CLAIM WILL HAVE TO BE RESOLVED BETWEEN YOUR DECORATOR AND The UPHOLSTERER.
My advice to you is to continue to plan for your party. These are your friends and family. So your home isn't perfect. The party will be fine. most likely no one will notice the puckering fabric on your sofa. It will be resolved.
1.Choosing the correct textile for the job is very important. some fabrics were not meant to be put on a sofa no matter how much you adore it.
2. choosing quality is important. if there is an added expense, it is better to pay for it that go "CHEAP".

This sounds good but the party is starting.
Hire a knowledgeable designer that is informed about the product that they are selling.
Inquire about references. Know their work.
Never plan your party around your decorating, Something usually goes wrong.
Use some common sense.
take care, john

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