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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Let's do Fornasetti again!

This morning I had every intention to write about lighting. How good lighting can make your home warm and inviting, but as I was sipping my homemade double tall non fat latte the Italian roast seeped into my head. So I couldn't wait to show you my new finds on and I would never buy on line unless someone did it for me. I am sooo 19th century. (I still write handwritten cheques. They are pieces of artwork in my beautiful architectural lettering). I get teased by friends all the time. I know what is in my bank account. I guess you can find THAT information on line also.(IS IT PRIVATE?) I don't even have an excuse now.Well someone will have to show me how to do that too. thank God I still live in a state that doesn't make you pump your own gasoline. if that ever happens I hope I am rich enough to have a driver do it for me.
OH! I forgot about the blog! CHEMO Brain! Oh by the way! now that I am done with all of the chemotherapy, my life seems to be getting back to normal. I can't wait to use the excuse" dumb blonde" again.
OK truly I am going to write about something, Oh yah! I saw the greatest looking Fornasetti on line. It was so beautiful. I just love it. the graphic lines. the animated feel you get when you notice Lina Caverelli is staring at you from one of those beautiful plates. It is like in Scooby Doo. The bad guy is watching the gang from some hall painting in the mansion that is being forclosed. It is very spooky.(I think I've had too much coffee).
Now some plates are original to Fornasetti and others were Rosenthal. This company made foransetti plates for awhile.
I have a book on Fornasetti. Maybe one day, when I trudge through this technology I will scan the pages and show more photos of the most prolific decorative artist of the twentieth century, Piero Fornasetti.
Ok, if I even see a chair upholstered in Fornasetti textiles i will have to get my best friend, Chase, to show me how to make bids for it on eBay.

The above photos are cabinets, mirrors,lamps. AN umbrella stand, sliding boxes,pillows
and a coffee table. Fornasetti to me is like the way other guys feel about their cars.

Time for another Latte, Mmmm!

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