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Friday, May 8, 2009

Fornasetti made easy.

Now that you have had Fornasetti to view on my blog. Hopefully you have found it intriguing also. If you are like me. you have discovered it to a bit pricey. yesterday i got an email from Gretchen. she is a contact at Fornasetti. She wanted me to be aware that they are promoting Fornasetti in a new way as o art on the flat screen.So now they have made it affordable.
We've just released the first title in a Fornasetti limited edition collection of ambient wall art for modern interiors. These animated interpretations of Piero Fornasetti's iconic "Theme and Variations" contain 7 tracks of purely visual, decorative art for the contemporary canvas of the flat screen. This limited edition of 3,000 comes in a custom lacquer box and is accompanied by a hand numbered, engraved card. Go to
I hope you truly have enjoyed it as much as I have. have a great weekend.
This is not the last you will hear me talk about Fornasetti.



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