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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May: your dreams come true

I realized that I haven't blogged for awhile. I thought I would leave you with some photos that might have inspired you during the month of May. I have included fornasetti, miles redd, todd romano's new york apartment, art deco, crewel and chinioserie ( I hope that I spelled that right)
Tommorrow, I go to have a Cat Scan. I guess they want to find out if their chemotherapy and surgery worked. I hope it did. But I will have an opportunity to find out every three months for the next 5 years. To be quite honest last year was a total nightmare that i am just beginning to wake from. I feel slightly disoreinted from the whole Colon cancer experience. God, I hope I put the same pair of socks on.(just kidding). they are the same.This blog is kind of like one of those dreams. disjointed and surreal.
BUt remember this is an interior design blog. My hope is to inspire you all for greater things with your homes. Adding colour,patttern and a bit of humour in every part of your lives and homes.
This weekend I went to visit a dear friend. Her home, was truly "WiLd" and CRaZy. I loved it so much. She lives with passion about her life and her home. Each item in her vast collection had a story. It was not "decorated" but an awesome collection of a life story. It was quite an experience. I loved meeting her dogs jack, ted and the puppy-doodle spidey-bitie, (not his name, just his actions).
A friend from facebook asked me recently if she should decorate with a theme or a particular colour. I told her to live with what you love. It is the true passion of your home.Themes are odd and trends are next years hand-me-downs.
Let's remember as we live in our homes, live our lifes with zest.
It is time to wake from my nightmare and get back to designing, my true passion.
Gigi have a great rest of the week.
With all of my passion,
love, John

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