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Thursday, May 21, 2009

what turns you on?

If you start to study an interior as to why you like it. My first advice is to NOT to pick out the bad points and tell your host. Let's face it, that is just plain rude. You may never get invited back to their home. Interior designer's have a way around it and usually get their client's to get rid of that ugly thing that is offending their creative eye.(but I can't tell you that's the mystique about interior designers)
The photo above is of a living room. It isn't really my style but it is someones home. It is worth exploring to find out what I like about it and why it is good design. has visual interest. has lots of natural light.
3.the colour palette is pleasing to the eye.
4.The furniture is proportionate to the room. The casual look of the furniture is very befitting the interior of the room.
5. it isn't a cookie cutter design, It looks unique to the home.The home owner's neighbour most likely don't have a living room that looks the same.
6. it is casual and inviting. Its cottage feel reminds me of something that could be found in a small beach village near the ocean.
7.the accessories on the shelves on either side of the fireplace are well arranged by a designer but it doesn't look like the designer bought a bunch of "stuff" to fill the space.
8. It doesn't look like a designer put their "footprint"in the home.( to all of you interested in sustainability out there, how's that for a green word. I am getting the hang of it :).
9. i love the old ceiling fixture, the designer left the integrity of the home and worked with the elements of it's past.
10. this room feels happy.
It is always important to find the positive in every situation. I have had a lot of life changes in my life lately (i.e. surviving stage 3 colon cancer to name just one, you don't want to know the rest). But i am surviving each of these events. The next time you visit a friend or go to a party. Start to look around and see the beauty in their home. These are good skills to acquire. Take what you like and implement these ideas into your own home. Start thinking about good design. Love the place that you live. Find out what turns you on about design. However, PLEASE Don't waste abunch of money and do it wrong. Hire an interior designer.

take care,
p.s. sustainability lover's: I am not making in fun of you I am making people aware through my odd sense of humour. Plus I shop at thrift stores, consignment shops and buy antiques which I consider is being very green. Sorry I don't walk to these places. I drive my car. So we all can be "green" in our own way. Did I tell you that the other day I bought a green striped belt at J. Crew. Ha! ha! Ha! I will leave that for another story. :)

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