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Monday, May 18, 2009

Todd Romano, what i like about you.

Todd Alexander Romano's experience as a New York decorator spans over seventeen years and was cultivated during his tenure and early training at the venerable New York firms; Ingrao, Inc., Saunders & Walsh, as well as, Mario Buatta. A native of San Antonio, Texas, Todd studied architecture at the University of Texas in Austin. His firm is starting its ninth year.

Todd is best known for his eclectic and youthful approach to traditional high-end interior design. He likes clean, classic backgrounds, be it either traditional or modern architecture with the use of fresh colors, comfortable seating, good lighting, great artwork and elements that add a touch of whimsy that ultimately reflects the owner’s personality. He adeptly mixes fine antiques, custom upholstery and modern elements to create environments that are above all exciting, appropriate and comfortable. He continues to seek inspiration for his design work during frequent trips to Europe and his voracious appetite for architecture and the decorative arts.

So what do I like about Todd's style. It is clearly very different from the way that I would put together a design project. In that I would mix more modern furniture. It is his use of colour. He has great skill in mixing classical furniture styles with modern colours. I find it very playful. rather quirky.It is just simply fun. It is just simply eclectic and colourful.I think his attention to detail make these rooms very welcoming. I appreciate his use of fine antiques. I hope you take the time to view the details of these rooms. I hope you can appreciate his skill as an interior designer even if this is not your style.I hope to learn from what he has done.
Have a great day, It is beautiful and sunny. The air is sweet with the fragrance of Spring.

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